Hi Mary,

So much to tell you, Ryan is improving nicely.You are amazing; the only one who knows how to help Ryan.So excited to have you in our lives. I have slowed this kidney drainage protocol down alot because his body is doing a great job of continuously clearing itself out.By slowing down he is not as angry, moody and frustrated. Wow, the urine smell is unbareable, the toxins are really coming out!!Thank you so much, I will make an appt with you as soon as we get back from Disney in about a week and half. I am singing your praises everyday to other autistic moms!




“I cannot thank you enough.  The best decision I ever made was to give homotoxicology a try, but beyond that was meeting you.  You have been an amazing catalyst for all of the therapies that actually help make Rosie a healthier and happier child…You do what you do because you truly care about the kids as well as the parents.  You are giving me my baby back and I am forever grateful.




As a baby Paul had chronic ear infections, and at least nine courses of antibiotics, by age two. He was severely constipated and prescribed Miralax for about a year. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (considered high-functioning autism) at age three. We sought out a DAN practitioner and saw some gains for our son for about one year until she referred us to consult with Mary. Within 11 months of doing homotoxicology our son lost his autism diagnosis. It was miraculous to say the least. Our son was no longer fatigued and had normal energy. It was as if his body was completely re-set to function in a healthy way. Paul is in kindergarten now – loves school and has a best friend. He no longer has the horrible sound sensitivity! We recently discovered that Paul can read and the best part is how proud he is of himself. We will always be grateful to Mary, and all the hard work she did in helping our son.



Our Son

Of all the protocols I have tried for my son, homotoxicology has produced the most successful global improvements. He has been on Mary Coyle’s protocol for 18 months. For my son, his most obvious change to me has been physical. He is stronger and more coordinated. Other changes have been drastic from the way he speaks to the way he thinks.

 What I like about the protocol is the ease of administration. I cannot thank Mary Coyle enough for guiding us so patiently with her care to this new life we have.”

 I’ll be thinking of you and your family as you travel to Toronto.



My Son

Hi Mary,

My children came with me to “Take your kids to work day” yesterday.  Every year I wished my son was improved enough to spend the whole day at this event.  It was a wonderful experience! I was so happy he was able to join in on all the activities.  Most people at my job do not know about my son.  I hate to label him since his tentative diagnosis at 20 months of age.  Being able to take him yesterday was a real joy for me and a real indicator of his progress.  Thank you for helping him be the best he can be.  I know he has a long road still ahead of him but I would have never have been able to anticipate his progress and ability like I have seen under your care.
I will never really know if he would have been worse off had he been fully vaccinated based on the schedule in place in 2003.  We have a wonderful son; my parents have a loving and engaging grandson; and my daughter has a brother that even though she may find annoying was always meant to have… I always wish for his full recovery. I happily accept where he’s at right now for now at 11.

Thank you for all you do. I wanted to share this with you.  


My 11 Year Old Son

I have an 11 year old son that was diagnosed with PDD at the age of three. As with most spectrum disorders my son had severe allergies and his immune system was completely out of whack-he never got sick, ran a fever or sweat-but he looked absolutely horrible-pale skin dark circles, constipation and eczema. After much research, it was determined that my son’s main issue was an inability to detoxify.His liver, kidneys and colon were so stressed from dealing with the toxic load that they did not function properly. He had severe oxidative stress, fatigue, poor muscle tone, behavioral and attention issues. Lessening the toxic load on his body became critical to improving his health.First we started with diet, eliminating foods he had sensitivities or allergies to, then advanced to biomedical treatments and holistic therapies as well as main stream protocols like OT,PT, etc. Once he was “clean” enough at a systemic level (blood work was coming back on or close to normal) I still felt he needed something more. If we did not maintain his level of care at the current level toxins would still build. After some research I knew he needed to further detoxify at the cellular and deep tissue level.Homotoxicology fit the bill for that. He made extremely good progress once we started Mary Coyle’s protocols. We are also continuing with diet and sublingual immunotherapy with Dr. Darin Ingles which specifically targets food and environmental allergies. Today my son is a happy healthy 11 year old. His behavioral problems disappeared, although he still has some minor attention issues he’s miles away from the child he was. He is well on the road to recovery.

Elisa B – NY