D was born a bit premature - following the failure basically of the umbilical cord - but wowed the doctors from the start with his fight and strength when he was in the NICU. But, as a result he was on all sorts of medicines in his first days of life and wasn't able...

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Before:After:"Prior to Mary Coyle and the introduction of homotoxicology, my son was on 12 prescribed medications and was labeled in his medical chart as "failure to thrive".  Although he was in a better place on the medications than he was previous to them, we felt...

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Tonight Michael played Walter Hobbs in his school's rendition of Elf. So darn proud of him! Surrounded by kindness and respect from his peers and teachers, he memorized and flawlessly delivered 81 lines along with a few...

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Sebastian & Benjamin

It's been 10 months since we started Homotoxicology with Mary Coyle and it has been a blessing in our lives. We have been doing a biomedical protocol to treat the Autism of my older son, Sebastian (6), and since we incorporated homotoxicology our son has progressed 10...

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Our son Sean was on anti-fungal medications from age three to seven years of age. In addition to the numerous anti-fungals, he was also on, at one time or another, anti-inflammatory medications, such as 6MP. I was able to get him off all of his medications. His lab...

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"Sara's teachers and friends are amazed with the changes in Sara.  Right now she is attending a full day typical class with a shadow, but by looking at her class no one can make out who is the child with the 1:1 aid.  Sara's detoxification is still going on and with...

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Hi Mary,So much to tell you, Ryan is improving nicely.You are amazing; the only one who knows how to help Ryan.So excited to have you in our lives. I have slowed this kidney drainage protocol down alot because his body is doing a great job of continuously clearing...

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“I cannot thank you enough.  The best decision I ever made was to give homotoxicology a try, but beyond that was meeting you.  You have been an amazing catalyst for all of the therapies that actually help make Rosie a healthier and happier child…You do what you do...

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As a baby Paul had chronic ear infections, and at least nine courses of antibiotics, by age two. He was severely constipated and prescribed Miralax for about a year. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (considered high-functioning autism) at age three. We sought out a DAN...

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Our Son

Of all the protocols I have tried for my son, homotoxicology has produced the most successful global improvements. He has been on Mary Coyle's protocol for 18 months. For my son, his most obvious change to me has been physical. He is stronger and more coordinated....

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