Daniel's story started from the hopes of having a beautiful healthy child and dreams of how he will grow and become a man. Nobody was prepared for what happened next.Daniel had acid reflex, from the age of 2 weeks, non-stop upper respiratory infections from the age of...

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2 years ago, Cameron was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. We were so confused and worried about what all that meant!!  And what it would mean for the rest of his life. We were staring into a dark tunnel not knowing how long it was or when we would reach the end....

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"I would LOVE to put our story on your website!!! I actually want to skywrite it all over the world – but for now I will settle for your website.My son Brad started 6th grade at our district middle school.  We had a team meeting last week and the 2 best quotes...

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Unstoppable Anthony

So this is what healthy looks like! Yes finally! Thank you so much Mary! We've been waiting years for this! Our used to be albino, dull haired, distended belly, puffy eyed sickly boy is finally getting healthy! HANDLE and homotoxicology (only since Feb this year) with...

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