Stories of Hope



Jeremy was born in December 2003 as a healthy 8 lb 1oz baby. He developed typically until about 2 yrs when he gradually began to regress. He was very hyperactive and did not want to be held. He used to cry during the night, every night.

In March of 2007 when Jeremy had his TDP shots he began to regress more rapidly and severely. He lost eye contact and language. He started to spin around the room for hours. He would wake up in the middle of the night and repeatedly jump in his bed and laugh for no reason. He was not aware of my presence or anyone else. He became a loner. He would push other children and it became increasingly impossible to take him any place.

At this point I was desperate. My husband said the word autism and I immediately went into a panic and began to research everything I could find on the subject. I knew I had to do something to help my son. I learned about gluten free, casein free diet and I started right away. While I waited for the Board of Education to decide the services for Jeremy, I took Jeremy for private Movement therapy with someone I knew and she mentioned Mary Coyle, that she was a homeopath and worked with children on the spectrum. I was reluctant in the beginning but I called her and she spent quite a while with me on the phone. She seemed very kind and knowledgeable and I felt I had to try her detoxification methods with Jeremy.

We began the treatment and within a week we saw a difference. Jeremy’s eye contact suddenly came back. When he went to the bathroom his feces was unusually large and yellowish in color, I had never seen such a thing before. He would wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, all by himself and had several accidents.

One morning he woke up at 5:00am and came to my bed, looked me in the eye and said “mommy wake up it’s morning”. I will never forget those words. That day I knew my son was back. My husband experienced a similar incident where he came into our bed room naked and shivering after relieving himself in the bathroom and said, “Daddy, I’m scared”, at which point he knew that he was returning to us.

After many different detoxifications for all the possible pollutants which he had been exposed to throughout his life, we gradually began to see many improvements in his behavior and was responding to others in a much more typical manor. There were several set backs as we discovered which detox regimen worked best. The best way to describe it was like working a yoyo while going up hill. His recovery was going up and down but he was definitely improving with each new detoxification.

He is now in kindergarten in a full classroom with support and related services. His teacher already told me he will not need an assistant for next year, he is very manageable in class. His assistant tells me how brilliant he is. Jeremy loves books and is eager to learn. He talks more than he should sometimes, but he is making progress everyday, he looks and sounds just like my typical son Anthony(9) when he was 4 years old.

I don’t think Jeremy would be where he is today if wasn’t for Mary’s treatment and kind words of encouragement. I thank God everyday for bringing Mary into our lives. She is enlightened and full of hope, compassion, love, understanding and the most knowledgeable person in the field I have ever met.

Mary, thank you so very much. The work that you are doing is saving children from the pit of autism. My prayer is that God would bless you abundantly for all you have done for us and others like us who suffering with this crippling disability.


My son has graduated from 5th grade and continues to be a hard worker eager to catch up to with his friends. I have been advocate four children with special needs ever since his treatment with Mary and encourage every parent to try homotoxicology. 

We love you!