A Holistic Approach

Mary Coyle DI Hom consults with families of children with ASD, ADD and SPD. Collaborating as a team with the family, we devise holistic strategies geared towards gently returning the child to a balanced state. Autism is a complex disorder which affects a child physically, cognitively and emotionally. Finding natural solutions to remove stressors that create blockages, and trigger disordered sleeping patterns, self-stimulatory and/or aggressive behaviors, and attentional deficits, are keys to a child’s future success.


The primary goal is to re-ignite the healing response buried within the ASD child, and bring them back on the path of wellness as quickly, and as safely, as possible.

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Steps To Work With Mary

Working together, Mary collaborates with each parent to determine potential obstacles that maybe impede your child’s unique healing mechanism. The empowering phone consultations include discussing strategies on how to create and maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible. Toxins are obsequious throughout the environment, and so finding solutions to assist in removing those deterrents – with the goal to elevate your child to their greatest optimal health, is really what it’s all about. Recommendations for certain homeopathic remedies, nutritional counseling, and discussions on detoxification may also be included in each session.

To learn more about Homotoxicology, please take some time to watch one of her interviews here.

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First Consultation

All consultations will be conducted through phone visits.

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Each consultation takes place every six to eight weeks. Together, you will discuss the plan of action, and the next steps for moving forward.

What Is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is a complicated name for a fundamentally simple, and pragmatic approach to health. Developed by the German physician, Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in the 1940s, Homotoxicology is considered the “bridge” between homeopathy, and conventional allopathic therapeutics. Of course this wouldn’t make much sense if we didn’t understand the dynamics of homeopathy in the first place. In short, homeopathy was created by the German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, during the 18th Century. It is based upon his discovery that minute amounts of a natural substance can alleviate the symptoms of an illness, but if given in larger doses, that same substance can create symptoms of the disease. This is accomplished through utilizing highly diluted and serially succussed (rigorously shaken) remedies to stimulate the body’s own defense mechanism to heal. For example, one might consider the high potency remedy, allium cepa, (onion) to address symptoms of a runny nose, and red eyes. “Let like cure like.” Therefore, Homotoxicology is essentially a version of homeopathy, just sifted through to our modern era. This system of health is basically designed to support the body in the removal of its own endogenous toxic body burden, such as yeast, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, etc., and restore it back to balance. This is primarily accomplished through the use of herbals, and complex homeopathic formulas geared to increase metabolic and circulatory functions which then support, and drain, specific organ systems. For example, herbal remedies, such as artichoke, may be used to drain and support the liver — and crataegeus for coronary circulation. Low-potency homeopathic tinctures, (which are usually not higher than a 12x potency), are unique remedies that function on both the bio-energetic and biochemical level. Theoretically, the energy derived from these bio-energetic remedies can then transfer from a vitalized substance to activate a less energetic one. For example, solidago is a homeopathic drainage remedy aimed to drain and revitalize the kidneys. The primary theory behind this system is to not only activate, but to embrace release responses. Therefore, a runny nose, a loose stool, and a mild fever are considered meaningful biological responses by the body. These are usually self-limiting, and are designed to re-establish homeostasis.

This is more fully understood through the six phases within Dr Reckeweg’s Table of Homotoxicology. 

These three are the “reaction” phases, and signify the body’s capacity to react and eventually remove toxins.

  • Excretion
  • Inflammation
  • Deposition


These three are the “reaction” phases, and signify the body’s capacity to react and eventually remove toxins.

The latter stages are within the “exhaustion” phases. This is when the body has only limited energetic resources to successfully remove endogenous toxins, and so damage from these toxins ensues.

  • Impregnation
  • Degeneration
  • Neoplasm

The latter stages are within the “exhaustion” phases. This is when the body has only limited energetic resources to successfully remove endogenous toxins, and so damage from these toxins ensues.

In short, according to Dr Reckeweg’s chart, and his Theory of Homotoxicology, as the body progresses into a better state of wellness, a more insidious illness, such as asthma, might transition into a lesser state of disease, such as eczema.

Since a subset of children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, suffer from compromised eliminative and immune systems, an increasing number of these individuals have incorporated Homotoxicology into their current wellness protocols. Designed to stimulate certain bodily functions, the remedies are geared to assist those systems which are just too weak to adequately mobilize and remove toxins on their own.

Stories of Hope

Here are stories of hope from Mary's clients that have worked with her over the years. You can see all of the stories here.


Mary!!! I want to share something with you…my 6 year old son just said the most amazing thing a few minutes ago about his little brother! He said, “Mom, my baby brother is coming back to life.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am crying as I write this…it’s true, he really is coming back to us…slowly but surely. I wanted to share this with you because you are a HUGE part of this…you are helping our little one come back to us. Thank you!!! Had to share the greatest sentence EVER (besides I love you)!

- Happy Mom


…thank you for all the wonderful changes we are seeing in Keegan. You are bringing our little man back to us. He is talking so much more and playing with his cars and trains APPROPRIATELY. And the best part…at night he wants me to read to him and when I finish the story and put the book down, he picks it up, hands it back to me and says “more book”. It is truly awesome. He still has a long way to go BUT for the first time in 2 years I am seeing a dim light at the end of this terrifyingly dark tunnel.

- Melissa


Tonight Michael played Walter Hobbs in his school’s rendition of Elf. So darn proud of him! Surrounded by kindness and respect from his peers and teachers, he memorized and flawlessly delivered 81 lines along with a few solo singing parts. He was so confident and animated, I found myself wondering if it was all a dream. When he wasn’t speaking at almost 4 years old , we would have never imagined this degree of success.

- Maria


I had a meeting with our DAN doctor a couple of weeks ago, and he said he considers my son recovered from autism. I liked hearing that from his doctor! I know there is still a lot to do for my son, but he’s just turned 7 and I know he’s going to have a great year. Here’s my testimonial.In 2006 my son was diagnosed with PANDAS through blood work. He was on prophylactic intramuscular antibiotics for 1 1/2 years. Using Homotoxicology through Mary Coyle, we were able to bring down his microbial load. The PANDAS gradually dissipated and over a period of four months I was able to wean him off of all antibiotics. He has been free of PANDAS and any antibiotics for 1 1/2 years now. He’s like a different child thanks to Mary.

- Stefanie M