Stories of Hope





“Prior to Mary Coyle and the introduction of homotoxicology, my son was on 12 prescribed medications and was labeled in his medical chart as “failure to thrive”.  Although he was in a better place on the medications than he was previous to them, we felt like we were holding him together with a band aid.  If any medication was missed or removed, he would immediately be in intense gut pain and regression would occur.  We had decided that it was time to look at a treatment plan that would allow his body to heal itself naturally and we are so thankful we did! 

Our son has been on Mary’s protocol for 6 months and the biggest development we have seen is that he is now down to 2 medications and not only is he maintaining, but he is thriving!!  We are excited to say that we will be pulling the final two prescribed medications in the next month or so.  A dream finally realized!! He has already gained about 15 pounds, has color in his face, no more dark circles under his eyes, and has begun (at 8 years old) to finally lose his baby teeth and get new teeth! It is vividly apparent to us and everyone around us that he is not only healthy, but has been able to make huge strides cognitively and socially through our Son-Rise program because of his body’s ability to thrive and heal itself through homotoxicology…no doubt effecting his brain development in many positive ways.  On our blog, you can most definitely see the difference in the past year cognitively and physically.  Mary is amazing and has been so wonderfully supportive, encouraging and compassionate!  I wish we would’ve done this sooner!”