Stories of Hope


My Son

Hi Mary,

My children came with me to “Take your kids to work day” yesterday.  Every year I wished my son was improved enough to spend the whole day at this event.  It was a wonderful experience! I was so happy he was able to join in on all the activities.  Most people at my job do not know about my son.  I hate to label him since his tentative diagnosis at 20 months of age.  Being able to take him yesterday was a real joy for me and a real indicator of his progress.  Thank you for helping him be the best he can be.  I know he has a long road still ahead of him but I would have never have been able to anticipate his progress and ability like I have seen under your care.
I will never really know if he would have been worse off had he been fully vaccinated based on the schedule in place in 2003.  We have a wonderful son; my parents have a loving and engaging grandson; and my daughter has a brother that even though she may find annoying was always meant to have… I always wish for his full recovery. I happily accept where he’s at right now for now at 11.

Thank you for all you do. I wanted to share this with you.