Stories of Hope



As a baby Paul had chronic ear infections, and at least nine courses of antibiotics, by age two. He was severely constipated and prescribed Miralax for about a year. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (considered high-functioning autism) at age three. We sought out a DAN practitioner and saw some gains for our son for about one year until she referred us to consult with Mary. Within 11 months of doing homotoxicology our son lost his autism diagnosis. It was miraculous to say the least. Our son was no longer fatigued and had normal energy. It was as if his body was completely re-set to function in a healthy way. Paul is in kindergarten now – loves school and has a best friend. He no longer has the horrible sound sensitivity! We recently discovered that Paul can read and the best part is how proud he is of himself. We will always be grateful to Mary, and all the hard work she did in helping our son.