Stories of Hope


Sebastian & Benjamin

It’s been 10 months since we started Homotoxicology with Mary Coyle and it has been a blessing in our lives. We have been doing a biomedical protocol to treat the Autism of my older son, Sebastian (6), and since we incorporated homotoxicology our son has progressed 10 times more than he did during the last 4 years. It’s been progress, progress, progress, with no regressions at all. My son is coming back to us. He is putting words together, he is singing complete songs, he is smiling all the time. He has KISSED us for the first time in 6 years! He is so affectionate now! He is playful, he is eating 100+ foods! He is growing and gaining weight. His skin is more clear. His nails and hair are growing like crazy. (His nails didn’t grow for years). He is answering basic questions, he can follow directions, he is requesting on what to play with him. We haven’t seen a serious tantrum in months. His sensory issues are gone, now he plays with sand, rice and even Playdough!
His thinking is blowing us away! WE cannot be more thankful
We also started doing the same protocol with our youngest son Benjamin (3) since he was also diagnosed with Autism the month we started with Sebastian. When we started the Detoxosode Protocol, that very same day, he said his very first words! Since then, 10 months later, his vocabulary keeps growing, Sometimes he  needs to be prompt but he is doing fantastic! He is playing super appropriate for his age and doing pretend playing with Little People. Now he loves the water, he makes requests of what he wants. He loves watching his favorites shows and he interacts and responds to questions asked by TV characters.
His BCBA Supervisor, told us that she has never seen in her ABA Clinic in 10 years a kid that progressed that fast in such a short time.

Mary Coyle: You have been a blessing to my family! We cannot wait for what’s about to come!