Stories of Hope



2 years ago, Cameron was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. We were so confused and worried about what all that meant!!  And what it would mean for the rest of his life. We were staring into a dark tunnel not knowing how long it was or when we would reach the end. Doctors and psychologists told us there was nothing to do…that he needed special schooling…for us to hope that he didn’t develop behavioral issues…and to get him into speech therapy. Fortunately, none of this was enough for my wife. As the wonderful mother she is, she struggled and researched and found all the things he needed to cure him. In came Mary Coyle!!  After our first conversation with her, she became the light at the end of that tunnel. She had no doubt she could save this little boy and knew exactly what to do. And so it began; with each protocol and all the other techniques and treatments she’s recommended along the way, Cameron is well on his way to a typical life!!!  He’s doing awesome in his “typical” preschool and is the head of the class at his special Ed preschool!  This will be his last year at the special Ed program!!  Mary gave us back our little boy!!!!  Cameron’s speech/behaviors are just off the charts! He’s doing so well! He has been using appropriate phrases at the appropriate time so often that we are just continually in awe.  We were just told by a church friend, (who’s a preschool teacher for  4-5 yr olds) that she had no idea of Cameron’s autism – that’s AWESOME!!! Thanks for all that you do!

Cindy and Chris



Cameron’s 5th Birthday!!!

Today is Cameron’s 5th birthday and it’s like no other!! He is completely here!  He has told us what decorations and cake he wants (Spider Man).  He has asked every day if it’s his birthday.  He remembered this morning that it’s finally here; he told everyone at the store this morning that it’s his birthday and he can’t wait for his friends to get here!!  Yesterday, I ran through party etiquette with him (greet them, say thank you…) just like I did with his sister when she was young, and he understood.

I thank God that he brought you into our life!!! Your have returned our son to us and I will never be able to repay you enough except to just say Thank You!!!

Yes he still needs some work on his sensory issues and nervous system, but he is in our world!!!

Thanks so much for all the hard work you do helping these kids!!!

Cindy and Chris