Stories of Hope



Daniel’s story started from the hopes of having a beautiful healthy child and dreams of how he will grow and become a man. Nobody was prepared for what happened next.

Daniel had acid reflex, from the age of 2 weeks, non-stop upper respiratory infections from the age of 6 months, numerous ear infections from the age of 2 years, and multiple allergies. For 4 1/2 years Daniel has rarely slept through the night. He was extremely hyperactive if he was not watching TV. A lot of TV!!!!!! Once he put on a video, he was so absorbed by the TV that an effort to switch him to another activity would cause a major meltdown. Daniel practically had no speech, except a few words. To take Daniel to a store to buy a loaf of bread required a lot of strategic planning. In June 2006 he was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (PDD-NOS).

None of the doctors could explain why our son is autistic. The only answer we heard – IT IS GENETIC – there is nothing we can do. Only a lot of behavioral, speech, occupational and other therapies can help him to function somehow in this world.

We were desperate to find the answers outside the official medical mentality.

After Googling the internet we quickly put Daniel on gluten-free/casein-free diet and supplementation program…. We saw some positive changes – less hyper, basic imitation of daily activities, echolalic speech, and more self awareness. We were convinced that our son was not born autistic. HE BECAME AUTISTIC!!!!!

Our DAN Practitioner recommended the detoxification program developed by Mary Coyle. Once again, nobody was prepared to see what happened next. This time it the was most amazing and glorifying experience we have ever had. The experience of returning our son from the neurological chaos can not be repeated ever. Here are the changes we saw just in a couple of months after starting the therapy:

Sleep: Daniel started to sleep thru the night. He can sleep 10-12 hours intervals without waking up.

Auditory processing: He was able to sustain simple 15-30 minute conversations without delayed/missing responses.

Imaginative play: Daniel started to set up complex imaginative games. “Crashing” games started to disappear.

We have been doing Mary’s protocol for a year and a half. The whole family has been working very hard. We never missed a dose. Daniel keeps changing in front of our eyes. Once recently he looked into my eyes and he told me that I have green eyes. And also he said that he loves me. I could only whisper: “Welcome back, Daniel!!!”


Thank you for your compassion, dedication, and love for these kids!!! Thank you for your patience when you return every our single call and answer every our question!!!! Thank you for this most terrific gift we will ever receive!!!! With all our love we wish you tremendous success for more years to come!!!!!

Svetlana and Raymond
June 16, 2008