Stories of Hope



Hello Everyone,

Our son Dante just turned 4 this past March. He was diagnosed PDD-NOS at 18 months of age. We have done many things for him, starting with M-B12 shots, GFCF diet, Phosphatydlcholine injections, Vitamin Supplements, HBOT.

UNTIL WE FOUND MARY COYLE.. Life changed for us.. We started seeing her in July 2007 and started a series of Homotoxicology treatments with her. Dante responded right away to these detoxes. We had lots of ups and downs along the way but our son is coming back to us. There are no words of gratitude to be able to express. Mary has been the key for us to unlock this little boy. She has been our answer in the midst of our prayers.

I want to also express that I believe diet is the key for these wonderful children. We started SCD diet in June 2008. We took a baseline ARI Atec test (Autism Research Institute). His number was 114.. After a month we took the Test again and it went to a 65. (The lower the number the better). I am so amazed at the results for him. He has had solid stools since and does not have anymore stomach aches.

I would recommend Mary to anyone that is looking for true healing. Make a plan to follow a path, take the path and arrive at your destination..(Does not matter how long it takes) Have Hope & Believe for all the wonderful kids out there.

God Bless & Be Well