D was born a bit premature – following the failure basically of the umbilical cord – but wowed the doctors from the start with his fight and strength when he was in the NICU. But, as a result he was on all sorts of medicines in his first days of life and wasn’t able to immediately breast feed. As I had done for my first child, I refused the Hep shot in the hospital. At the time I thought this was progressive of me… oh how little did I know. D progressed marvelously in the hospital and eventually came home to us. We were delighted to begin our time together as a family after a rocky start for him. Shortly after D arrived home, he was due for his 2 month shots. Mother’s intuition struck me and I was very anxious about having D inoculated. He was already very constipated at 2 months, and suffering from severe reflux so I knew he was facing challenges already and the thought of vaccines scared me for the first time. But at the urging of my pediatrician, I consented and D received his DTap/Hib/Polio shot, and the Prevnar and Rota. Within 24 hours D spiked a fever and was very fussy though since the fever lingered for about a week the doctors said that it wasn’t related to his shots. But after these shots he stopped using his hands and turning his head. This pattern continued with the 4 month and 6 month shots. D ran a higher fever every time following vaccinations and was sick for a longer period of time. And each time he seemed to take longer to recover even after the fever had passed. His development literally regressed each time. But with babies, it is so hard to tell and I second guessed myself and allowed myself to think it was just fluke. Around 3 months D began occupational therapy and around 5 months D added in physical therapy to the OT. He was showing serious delays developmentally – both cognitively and physically – and he would have these moments where you would see a glimmer of a personality but for the most part he was a very sweet baby who was disconnected. All during this time (from 3 months of age onward) I was seeing a homeopath trying to heal D’s gut to get off medication for his acid reflux and strengthen his immune system and I was seeing a chiropractor regularly, sometimes as much as 2x a week to help support his growth and development. This is in addition to OT and PT. We made the decision to introduce a Special Instructor – another therapist that works on cognitive development just before D’s 1st birthday. D started to show some progress around 8 months, he rolled for the first time, and then he stood and we were so delighted with the progress. And then, his 1 year vaccines. D ran a 104 fever on and off for over 2 weeks. I was at the pediatrician almost every day. They simply could not figure out what was wrong and none of the doctors at the practice could agree on what was wrong; blood test after blood test yielded no result. And D became even more disconnected than ever. He stopped making eye contact. He became very agitated – it was a total change. D’s therapists each spoke to me individually, and gently, suggesting that something was really wrong, possibly neurological in nature. D was regressing in front of our eyes. A boy who had been about to take his first steps would barely crawl let alone stand. My chiropractor, in seeing such a change in D, suggested I reach out to Mary Coyle. I read as much as I could on line and made an appointment thinking – I will try anything. In our first appointment Mary seemed to understand what was causing D’s regression and offered real solutions to help. And I was optimistic until Mary told me D would be having daily bowel movements within 3 days. My heart sank at hearing this. D had been so constipated his entire life – maybe one bowel movement every 5 days. And we had seen so many specialists. I just knew she was over optimistic. Mary also told me that D would take his first steps within a week. There were many other small changes that Mary predicted that all sounded good but totally not plausible.

And then three days went by, and D had a bowel movement.

And then he did the next day too. And the day after that.

And then after five days he started laughing and smiling.

And then, six days after starting with Mary, D took his first steps.

And I realized, everything Mary predicted is happening. The changes were subtle but over the next few weeks my baby blossomed. He developed a personality, and he became a “normal” baby. Mary didn’t just give me back my child, because really, I had never had the opportunity to know my precious baby, Mary gave me the chance to get to know my child and his true self and personality. And now, while the road isn’t over for D, he is exceeding everyone’s expectations. At 16 months he is walking down the street pushing a baby stroller. He is pretending to stir and cook food at the play kitchen. He can throw a ball, do puzzles and play at the play ground. D has been given a life so rich and full of childhood moments, all in the last 3 months, and all because of Mary Coyle.

The same therapists that had approached me just months before were astounded by his progress. And shocked.

We just received our first positive and absolutely glowing written progress reports from D’s therapists – and basically, a child that was scoring so low on developmental tests he wasn’t even ranking on a percentile basis has done a complete 180 to where developmentally he is well above average for his age in all areas except speech – and we have Mary Coyle to thank.